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Who says learning can't be fun?

Let your child enjoy a walk through the world of education by tapping, swiping, flicking, pinching and zooming on a modern mobile device

Sliding Friction

True game-based learning. A simple game on the mobile device introduces the student to the concept of Friction.

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Do you want your child to be at the top of their class?

Be the driver of change in shaping your child's future with the MarkSharks learning app.

Parts of a Cell

Build Animal and Plant cells yourself and receive instant feedback to correct errors and improve retention.

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Is your child intelligent, but not motivated to study?

Spark a renewed interest in learning with the MarkSharks learning app

Loudness of Sound

Investigate and connect theoretical concepts about sound and decibels to daily experiences using your microphone.

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Are you the proud parent of a super student?

You will be, with the MarkSharks innovative approach to eLearning.

How Fibres Burn

Watch real life experiments as they are conducted in the laboratory and use your learnings to prepare for higher-order thinking.

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