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Who says learning can't be fun?

Let your child enjoy a walk through the world of education by tapping, swiping, flicking, pinching and zooming on a modern mobile device

An introduction to the lesson on Light (Class VIII)

A game where the student has to use mirrors to shine a light on hidden pieces of treasure. Gives the student an intuitive understanding of the concept of reflection.

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Do you want your child to be at the top of their class?

Be the driver of change in shaping your child's future with the MarkSharks learning app.

An interactive simulation of a dark room with three lights and three balls in the primary colours (Class VIII)

Students can combine the lights to create different colours and see which balls are visible. A fun way to understand the principle of how we see colour.

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Is your child intelligent, but not motivated to study?

Spark a renewed interest in learning with the MarkSharks learning app

An interactive exercise in the Microorganisms lesson (Class VIII)

A game where students have to identify and differentiate between five kinds of microorganism.

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Are you the proud parent of a super student?

You will be, with the MarkSharks innovative approach to eLearning.

A simulation from the lesson on Force and Pressure (Class VIII)

Students get to understand the idea of Resultant Force by varying the strength and direction of a push or pull.

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