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In the current environment with the lockdowns due to the Coronavirus, when learning from home is becoming a necessity more than a choice, online classes provide an efficient, uninterrupted high-quality education at home without contact with tutors or peers, which can be a source of infection.

MarkSharks Philosophy: Learning by doing

We at Marksharks want to provide you the best learning possible. Our app already helps you learn at your own pace and understand difficult Science and Maths concepts by giving you interactives and experiments.

Added Online classes

Given this, last year we added online classes to bring personalised interaction with experts and one-on-one attention to our students, which can be attended in the comfort of your own home using any smart device through an internet connection.

Expanded Online Classes

This year we have expanded our online classes to match the school system by adding classroom-like rigour and bettered it with the engaging practice, concept-building through interactives and assignments and tests to solidify understanding.

Our online classes combine the best of a school classroom, coaching centre and private tuition.

We put great emphasis on:

We believe that schools do an excellent job in setting up a structured and regimented learning system for students. We ensure that our classes follow the same rigour, while bettering the school system through e-learning, personalised one-on-one instruction, and monitored progress for all students through online tests and exams.
Deeply engaging multimedia content in our app helps students learn better and this adds value to the classroom instruction where the instructor takes students through the app for learning and practice with the interactive and hands-on learning through experiments.
Live, one-on-one interaction with instructors to provide personal attention throughout the online classes, where doubts in each session are cleared in the session itself.
Regular online testing through unit tests, term exams and final exams, where the progress is monitored and communicated with relevant remedial feedback.
Tracking and analysing learning improvement through the app and our e-tutors, where each session has its reports on the practice questions and analytics on the app track engagement of the students.
Keeping parents involved through progress reports and updates, and special calling teams for assistance.
Remediating weak students or those with special needs and providing them extra support through regular remedial classes.


Our expert teachers will help you learn Maths and Science through the unique "learning by doing" method of Marksharks.


The app is already used by students for self-learning and practice. All screens of the app, including animations, open-ended interactivities, and guided practice questions will be thoroughly explained in the e-classes, allowing the student to learn effectively on her own, yet additional content will also be used to reinforce and enhance learning where needed.


The teachers will take you through each lesson covering all concepts and giving you more examples and practice.


You will be given questions which you can answer on the tablet itself. Please keep a notebook and pen ready to take down notes and solve problems.


The teacher will answer any queries you have in the class if you press a button to "raise your hand" and ask using your mic. You can also chat with the teacher and send questions through the chat window.


At the end of each class you will be given homework and links to post your answers. This homework will be discussed in the next class. Meanwhile you are required to go through the Marksharks lesson and let us know any queries you may have by phone or email.


Every lesson will be covered in 4 sessions over 2 weeks.

So, we will cover about 2 lessons per month starting mid-April.

Lesson Content Session

The 4 sessions per lesson will be distributed thus:

3 sessions to cover all the concepts in the lesson. 4th session to test all that has been learnt for that lesson.

We will have additional sessions for the following:


We will conduct an online unit test after every 3 lessons have been completed.


A term exam will be conducted when 6 lessons have been completed, so expect about 3 online term exams each academic year.


We will also conduct remedial sessions for students who may have problems with the lesson and need special attention. These may be conducted in a special session every alternate week depending on the students’ requirements.


These will typically be conducted before the high-stakes final exams to iron out all issues and have students completely ready for all challenges.



Students who have already attended these sessions would be familiar with most of the procedures we will be using this year. The testing and other academic activities will be increased this year. We may introduce personal User IDs for each student for better integration with our systems to monitor your progress.


Newer students would need to familiarise themselves with the ZOOM meetings app which we use for the online sessions. They should also check for good internet connectivity and familiarise themselves with attending online sessions. We also have orientation videos that we recommend all new students should look at to familiarise yourselves on how to learn with the Marksharks app and attend online classes. This will be provided to you with further details after registration.


Every student will have four sessions each week: 2 for Science and 2 for Maths. On weekdays there will be a one-hour session in the late evening, around 8 PM. On weekends there may be early afternoon sessions. In some classes, students may have two sessions on Sunday. Students will be expected to come prepared to classes, having gone through the Marksharks animations and interactivities beforehand. They will be asked pre-requisite questions and expected to participate in online class discussions with the tutor.


All online sessions will be recorded for easy access and revision and students who miss a class can always view the recording and get back up to speed. Even students who have attended can view the videos and revise their learning.Any questions that students have before classes or during their preparation can be addressed to our email or phone support services:




After students register (see button below) the time-tables for classes and further details for joining the online class will be communicated.

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