MarkSharks is an education technology startup that is building new generation learning using the power of technology and mobile devices. MarkSharks is committed to make learning fun, engaging and most importantly effective, through the use of technology!
We use the power of mobile devices to deliver learning through real-life simulations, virtual experiments, 3D models and interactions. Our product is used in schools and is available on Google Play for students, who can download it on any Android device.
We are a team of young, motivated and energetic individuals who believe that learning isn’t about memorizing and repeating facts on a test. It’s about developing the higher order thinking skills that enable one to question one’s environment.
We are always on the lookout for people with interesting backgrounds and potential game-changers. Dropping in for a cup of coffee and a 'no-strings attached' chat can create possibilities where none existed!
Current openings
  • - Instructional Designers
  • - School Teachers / Educationists / Tutors
  • - Graphic Designers
  • - Android / Java Programmers
  • - Sales and Marketing Professionals
To apply, send us your resume at