Maths and Science Classes 7 to 10. CBSE / NCERT curriculum. Works on all Android devices.

Self-Paced Learning

Unlike in the classroom, where the teacher teaches at one pace, with MarkSharks you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

Learning by Doing

Inbuilt games, interactive experiments, and 3D simulations ensure deep understanding of concepts for better CBSE exam results.

Notes and Bookmarks

You can create digital notes and bookmarks while using MarkSharks to save and remember all study materials that are important to you.

Interactive Revision Tool and Glossary

Use the revision tool to get a summary of all key topics, complete with links directly back to the content screens where the topic is taught. Perfect in crunch time for board exams.

Pre and Post Test Sessions

Our exams model the question papers of real exams. Take our tests to see how much you know before and after using the chapter. Each chapter has a question bank of over 30 questions, so you can take each test multiple times and keep getting new questions.

Adaptive Testing

MarkSharks tests use an algorithm that responds to your answers – allowing students of a more advanced level to get tougher questions while weaker students get easier questions. No matter what your level, you benefit from taking the tests.

Solved Examples

Marksharks experts have taken hundreds of questions and written model answers to these sample questions for each chapter. Revise our solutions when you prepare for tests and exams. There are also model answers for the NCERT and NCERT exemplar questions.

Doubt Clearing

Do you have any individual doubts? Don’t worry; we have dedicated tutors who can help solve whatever individual questions you may have.

Incredible Analytics Tool

Students and parents can monitor progress on a real-time basis to see how many chapters have been covered, check the time spent on every lesson, and view their test performance.

Works Offline

Once you’ve downloaded a chapter, you can use it offline – so take MarkSharks wherever you go!