MarkSharks helps schools introduce modern pedagogy and innovative forms of technology-based teaching to the classroom.

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How Will Marksharks Help?

Superior Learning Pedagogy

Enable true learning-by-doing with our highly interactive digital content. Engage your students and teachers with two way learning.

Adaptive Testing

Get a true sense of how much students know with our advanced adaptive testing before and after every lesson.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Our content is not only mapped to the CBSE syllabus, it also contains additional revision tools like solved questions, glossaries, etc.

Performance Analytics

Use performance and engagement analyticsto design data driven interventions and rewards.

Why MarkSharks will work for you.


The MarkSharks team will provide long-term support through analytics, reports and trends that track every student's progress in each session as well as the overall achievement levels of various sections and classes over the course of the school year.


We understand that each school is different. Our team will spend time getting to know your school’s community. Based on our interactions, we will recommend a personalized integration model that will put your students and teachers in the best position to succeed.


We work closely with the school administration, teachers, parents and students to introduce and implement MarkSharks in Schools. This includes diagnostic tests, demo classes, lesson planning support and on-going workshops with students and teachers.

Want to use MarkSharks at your school?

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