We are a team of motivated and energetic individuals who believe that learning isn’t about memorizing and repeating facts on a test. It’s about developing higher order thinking skills that enable one to question one’s environment.

Our team of senior instructional designers, subject matter experts & visual designers have worked for almost a decade and come up with India's finest experiential learning app for your kids that makes learning fun and has helped numerous parents in improving their child's grades as well as practical understanding of their children on how to approach complicated subjects.



Master your maths syllabus with our deep interactives and guided questions. Our approach focuses on boosting your marks through lots of practice.



See your NCERT/CBSE textbook come alive with our stunning Science app. Learn from real-world examples, science experiments, and 3D simulations!



CBSE NCERT Course Content

All modules follow the CBSE course content chapter-wise, so you learn whatever you learn in school.

Offline Application

Once downloaded onto the device, the content stays on the device. It can be accessed by learner anytime, anywhere, without an Internet connection.

Self-Paced Learning

Unlike in classroom, where teacher teaches at one pace & all students have to follow, on Marksharks the student can choose to learn at his or her own pace & convenience.

Extensive Testing

Students can analyze their ability by taking the pre-test before starting a chapter & can take the post-test after completing the chapter to assess how much they have learnt.


Interactive Revision Tool

The Marksharks Revision Tool & Glossary are fantastic refernce sources for students while preparing for tests.

Notes and Bookmarks

Students can create digital notes & bookmarks whie using Marksharks, so important learnings are remembered & important screens can be accessed at any time in the future.

Incredible Analytics Tool

Every student can monitor his or her progress on a real time basis, see how many chapters have been covered, check time spent on every lesson & performance in tests.

Sample Papers/Solved Examples

Marksharks experts have taken hundreds of questions & written model answers for each question. This is a great way to revise what you have learnt & prepare for tests & exams.

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Check out some clips of the MarkSharks Maths and Science app in action.


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Absolutely! MarkSharks is very easy and simple to use. Our students say that MarkSharks helps save them time, and they learn better with the app than they do at tuitions. The app will make studying easier and help reduce the pressure they might feel.

Our education counselors constantly monitor usage and can send you a report to see how your child is doing. You can also go to the analytics portion of the app, itself and track how much your child is using MarkSharks, and how well they are scoring on tests.

Yes! Once you’ve downloaded the lesson content, you can use MarkSharks offline at any time. But you should connect to Wi-Fi at least once a week so that you can receive any new features, updates, and prizes.

Yes, research shows that Learning By Doing leads to better understanding, especially in Maths and Science concepts. Active learning helps generate curiosity, improve understanding, and increase memory retention. Our approach truly represents the future of education. Feel free to read further about it at https://news.uchicago.edu/story/learning-doing-helps-students-perform-better-science or https://www.pnas.org/content/111/23/8410

The first reason is that our content quality is revolutionary and top notch. Secondly, our customer servicing is incredibly detailed and we are very focused on monitoring how your child is doing throughout the year. Our major mission is to provide students the chance to realize their full potential, and our counselors guide and motivate our students. Thirdly, our app is so easy to use. Students often remark about how well we simplify topics. And finally, we offer incredible value for money.

We aren’t responsible for the hardware, just the working of the app. But still, if you bought a tablet with MarkSharks, please get in touch with us, and we will do our best to help you.

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I love it. There can’t be a better app than this one. It helped me. There are no shortcomings in this app. There is no need of any improvements.

Anurag Saxena

Class 9 Science


Wonderful Love this app!

Vani Vahali

Class 8 Science


It's a very good app. It explains all things properly...I like this app very much!

Mr. Patankar

Class 8 Science


Thanks for such a wonderful app!

Lakshay Kumar

Class 9 Science


Awesome app!!! Please make it for class 9 also!

Asha Sikaria

Class 8 Science


This e learning company always gives us positive results by making the most brilliant apps. It's quite true that learning by doing help us to remember more.

Kamal Sarkar

Class 9 Science


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