MarkSharks Classroom

MarkShark Classroom is an active learning curriculum where you will get access to the interactive MarkSharks app, live online classes with expert tutors, a doubt clearing facility, and a personal mentor to ensure learning and academic excellence.

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Why Attend a MarkSharks Classroom Class?

Learning by Doing

Engage with games, 3D simulations, puzzles, and experiments to improve your retention of knowledge and gain deeper understanding.

Experienced tutors

All of our tutors are experienced educators who will be able to guide you through the interactive sessions and activities while also being there to support you when you have any doubts.

Study From Home

Our platform is simple and easy to use so that you can connect easily with your tutor without having to leave the comfort of your home.



Live Classes and Doubt Support

Our expert math and science tutors lead live classes covering all the topics in the NCERT syllabus. Students will receive immediate doubt support and get help with problem solving strategies.

Open-Ended Interactivity

MarkSharks+ uses games, 3D simulations, puzzles, and experiments to help students explore, experience, and understand mathematical and scientific concepts for themselves.

Guided Practice

Guided practice provides students with in depth step-by-step support for approaching and successfully solving problems. If you get a step wrong, you can correct you mistake and continue solving the problem without giving the final answer away.

MarkSharks Classroom

Connect to MarkSharks Classroom via your computer, tablet or mobile device!


MarkSharks is an interactive eLearning product that teaches Maths and Science through exciting games, 3D simulations, and immersive experiments!