MarkSharks – Learning by Doing

Educational studies have shown that a hands-on, interactive approach to learning can significantly improve student performance in school by up to 20%! When students actively experience concepts for themselves, they are more likely to gain a sound foundation - this is known as experiential learning. Experiential learning boosts brain activity, helping students grasp concepts better and develop improved memory retention.

Inspired by these research studies, we created MarkSharks. MarkSharks is an eLearning tool with a fresh outlook, turning your mobile device or tablet into a virtual lab where you can question, explore, and understand mathematical and scientific concepts using real world examples.

With its offering of a local language voiceover, it inherently accomplishes many of the targets outlined by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, supporting schools in shifting away from rote learning and textbook memorization to hands-on, experiential learning.

We have designed a challenging and varied learning environment with an element of fun using games, 3D simulations, puzzles, questions, and experiments, without losing sight of your primary academic goals – sharpening your skills and improving your marks!

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