MarkSharks for Schools

MarkSharks’ versatility makes it useful for educators in a variety of settings. Whether you are a teacher that would like supplementary tool to your teaching in the classroom or a tutor supporting students afterschool, we can help you find ways to easily integrate MarkSharks into your educational setting.

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MarkSharks Classroom

MarkSharks Classroom enables educators to use MarkSharks as a tuition aid from the comfort of their own homes. Students are able to engage with interactivity of MarkSharks while the live class features allows tutors to use the MarkSharks content address any doubts or misconceptions that students have.


MarkSharks in Schools

MarkSharks for Schools combines our core MarkSharks app with the School Quiz. Teachers have full access to all the interactive, hands-on content of the MarkSharks app while also being able to quickly create assessments that students can take in class.

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Features Helpful for Educators


Lead Live Classes

MarkSharks+ contains a full repertoire of online teaching tools, including virtual whiteboards, live polls, remote access for students to engage, and full access to MarkSharks teaching content and materials.

The School Quiz

The School Quiz allows educators to create customized assessments to their students. Educators receive real time student performance data once the assessments have been submitted, allowing them to quickly address misconceptions in class.