Maths and Science Education App for Classes 7 to 10. CBSE / NCERT curriculum. Works on all Android devices.

The Best Way to Learn: At MarkSharks we believe in learning by doing. This means that you learn concepts by experiencing them for yourself. Experiential learning boosts your brain activity, helping you understand concepts better and have improved memory retention. This means better marks! MarkSharks games, 3D simulations, puzzles, questions, and experiments maximize the level of interactivity. Our smart study app is better than anything you’ve seen before!
Content is King: MarkSharks #1 priority is our incredible content. We invest so much time in carefully creating each part of our lesson. We teach the toughest CBSE study material as simply as possible to make learning easy. MarkSharks gives you the tricks you need to score well in exams. Our content goes through 6 rounds of checking to ensure quality. Finally, we survey the syllabus and identify any possible gaps in teaching that students may face. Our app fills those gaps in so that you can reach your highest potential. And it doesn’t stop there! We provide you sample question papers, NCERT solutions, board exam style questions, and a host of live classes that help make your journey through the MarkSharks app easy.
Higher Marks: Students who have used MarkSharks for over 2 hours a week have consistently gotten better marks in exams. Studies show that learning by doing can improve your marks by 20% or more in assessments. We achieve this result by working on your fundamentals first, so that you have true knowledge. We also have a dedicated exam prep tool with question papers, solved examples, summaries of key concepts and a glossary.
Much more interesting: MarkSharks uses interactive games, 3D simulations, and exercises to help transform basic textbooks into a world class app. We’ve turned mobile devices into virtual labs where you can question, discover, and understand Maths and Science. With our learning app, you can see scientific laws and mathematical formulae come to life with real world examples.
Preparing you for the future: MarkSharks teaches you how to self study – a skill that all toppers have! Learning by doing helps you become independent and learn on your own. Our games test your logical skills and creativity, and these are skills crucial for university and beyond. In the short term you will see your marks in Maths and Science increase. But MarkSharks will have the greatest benefits in the long term with how we sharpen the skills you need to succeed.
E-Classes & Online Classes: We have expert tutors who specialize in Maths and Science to give you individual support on demand. You can reach out to us over the phone or via email and you’ll get your queries resolved within 24 hours! We’ve just added online classes to MarkSharks. Our academic tutors provide lesson by lesson classes for Maths and Science. These interactive sessions give you guidance and help you use MarkSharks learning app optimally.
Robust Support System: When you buy MarkSharks, you buy more than just an app; you buy a support network. Our counselors constantly check in with each of our students to understand their experience, and accelerate their progress. We help direct you to important sections of each lesson, assess whether you are using the app enough to improve your marks, give you tips for your CBSE/NCERT exams, provide troubleshooting support, and respond to any kind of customer feedback.